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Home Brewing (Wine, Beer, & Hooch)
04-21-2011, 09:23 PM
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RE: Home Brewing (Wine, Beer, & Hooch)
RythmDog: yep, it's that sanitization that's key, though that wasn;t what hurt the batch I had that went weird back whenever I posted that. What happenned was a stuck fermentation, which came from probably some temperature control issues and under-pitching the yeast.
I've done a bunch more since then and haven;t had any problems.
As far as bottling, I use a few different sizes, helps to make as little cleaning as possible.
From a standard 5 gallon batch, I get 2 growlers, 16 to 18 22 - 24 oz bombers and 2 or 3 12-oz (I use those as testers, to make sure the conditioning is going well) I rinse the bottles out pretty well when they're first emptied, so dried / moldy gunk in there is all but eliminated come bottling time. I just give then a quick scrub with bottle brush, rinse well under hot water, then let them soak in a bleach bath for 10 minutes or so. Another hot water rinse and they;re ready to go.

All-grain does give more control and less cost to produce, but can be a bit complicated for a beginner. I'm hoping to get going on all-grain this summer - probably moving to a place with more space for brewing and storage, plus getting a turkey fryer, which will work better than my kitchen stove.
Also want to try wine somewhere along the way.
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