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05-14-2010, 11:01 AM
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RE: DIYers
(05-14-2010 10:50 AM)Janie Wrote:  
(05-13-2010 06:04 PM)ForceTen Wrote:  Does remodeling a 56 year old house count? Tongue

My wife sews and has an embroidery machine that seems to run non-stop. I do the general labour of fixing, remodeling, etc.

OMG! I want one of those machines!! In a bad way. I want a bigger, bitchin' sewing machine and a serger too.

I plan on opening up my own Etsy shop this year and sell some of my sewing projects.
(05-14-2010 04:56 AM)Timmay! Wrote:  I am a bit of a tinker in several different areas. Don't have the time that I used to with a little guy to watch in the evenings while my wife is at work, but it's still fun. I married into a family that owns a hardware store, and that can be dangerous for guys (or girls!) who like tools. Good thing the store is a 12 hour drive away!


I love (love) Home Depot. Normal girls love shopping for clothes. I love shopping for hammers and saws and gadgets. Blush
(05-14-2010 09:41 AM)Bageleth Wrote:  I do sew. When I was single, I made most of my clothes, including my wedding dress when I did get married. After my kids came along, I made more of their clothes and less of my own. Now I sew mostly pj's for the kids. I would like to sew more, however right now, there isn't as much time as there used to be.

I also make candles once per year, usually as Christmas presents. I'm still working on my creativity with that.

Homemade gifts rock! When I can, I much prefer to make gifts. Even if they turn out crappy, they mean so much more. That's what I tell myself anyway! Is it easy to make your own candles?
(05-14-2010 10:17 AM)old honda rider Wrote:  I tinker with my motorcycle on occasion and when it's required. A buddy of mine and I did some valve adjustments on it last summer which was surprisingly easy. Well, easy because we had a Clymer manual to reference and he had done it before, though I hadn't.

The last DIY project I did for my home was to install some plumbing to create a full bar in my downstairs (this was in a house I owned some years ago, not my current abode).

Now I know why plumbers get big bucks.

I will never, ever try that again. Undecided

I know what you mean, there are some projects better left to the professionals. I would love to put in my own wood fence, extend the concrete patio and completely re-do my bathroom but I think all those things should probably be done by someone else. I find I have a hard time trusting contractors though.

My grandma seems to really like the home made gifts (and she loves candles). The candles aren't really hard to make. Just make sure that you are using a pot and cutting tools that you don't ever plan to use for food because wax is a bit time consuming. Any craft store should have books and supplies. Currently I go to a ceramic supply store that also sells the supplies I need for a lower price. Something that I'm still working on is candle scents. Even though I put the scent in the melted wax, and you can smell the candle, burning it doesn't give off that scent (which for most is the reason we burn candles)

A party without cake is really just a meeting
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