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05-17-2010, 10:15 AM
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RE: DIYers
(05-17-2010 09:48 AM)Janie Wrote:  I'd love to see some pics of her projects! A good friend of mine just opened an Etsy shop to sell her jewelry and she is really happy with that site. I love to peruse the items people are selling. Some people are so creative.

Let me see what I can find for some pictures. She's mostly done baby blankets, costumes and alterations for pictures.

Quote:HA! My husband hates all things chore related, especially when it comes to home repairs. I've taught myself how to do simple things around the house. I don't mind one bit. I think it's interesting to learn how to fix things. I almost had a geek attack when I was at Home Depot once buying a ball peen hammer. The other day when I was there I bought a nail sinker.

Good for you! I always say "Knowledge is power. Even if you don't know how to do something, learn the concepts of it so you're not taken advantage of if/when you hire out."

Countersinks (what you bought) are great little things to have when doing trim work, etc. But, I've since learned that having a good brad/nail gun is invaluable. What used to take me two hours of work to do trim work, I'm now able to do in about 30 minutes. Of course, having good tools and the right ones for the job helps out significantly.

Quote:Do you have any experience about removing a sprinkler system? Seems like it should be relatively easy. We have a system all around our house but our side and back yard sees hardly any sun. I really don't need to be watering the moss that grows out of control in those areas. I was contemplating installing a wood fence but decided on having professionals install one. I got three quotes and they are all roughly the same. I wasn't too shocked by the price. Thought it was pretty reasonable and honestly, I don't really want to install a fence myself!

Sorry, haven't worked with a sprinkler system yet. But, it shouldn't be too bad. What you might want to consider is instead of removing a portion of it, see about capping it off in the area you want to skip. it would save you a lot of work and you'd only have to dig one or two holes instead of tearing it out. Also, if you happen to sell the house or get the moss under control (look into shade grass), it wouldn't be as much to repair/replace it.

Doing a wood fence isn't that difficult. but, you definitely need more than one person. Ask bidding companies to provide samples of new and see if you can get pictures of fences after a couple of years. Some don't build it properly to allow for water drainage as well as strength. Over a couple of years, the water soaks into the wood and will cause the fence to warp/sag and begin to look bad. I'm assuming you're talking about a wood privacy fence and not a two rail wooden fence?
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