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Meat alternatives
03-08-2012, 06:43 AM
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RE: Meat alternatives
(03-08-2012 06:40 AM)Markus Awreallyus Wrote:  
(03-07-2012 08:06 AM)Jenn Wrote:  I have also tried Bocca meatless "burgers" (or whatever they call 'em.. it's been a while!) and I liked that, too.
I've heard of Quorn, but can't find it. Is it a regional thing?

If you want something a little different grilled portobello mushroom caps (I'm talking about the big ones, not the cute little "baby bellas") top with a slice of tomato, some baby spinach leaves, and a light smear of mayo (optional) on a burger bun. (I add cheese to mine, but I know some of y'all can't do the cheese. is yummy, though!)
OK, it doesn't really take care of the whole protein thing, but it's still yummy.Smile

And now a word about... Tofu.
The thing about tofu is, it picks up the flavour of what you cook with it. Done right, it's really quite delicious! Even my husband (who loves meat) loves my stir-fry.
If you heat up some oil and add in onion, garlic and ginger, then toss in the tofu chunks, you're on your way. Add a little teriaki (I hope that's spelled right!) sauce and some vegetables, and you're good!
Chinese Hot n Sour soup, big chunks of tofu, a mix of Chinese veggies, spicy, good broth, and coincidentally, I made stir fry last night, no tofu though. Big Grin
Mmmmmmmmmm, good stuff! I love a good Hot & Sour soup.
I really should try making it myself sometime.

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03-08-2012, 07:37 AM
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RE: Meat alternatives
Hot wok go long way!

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03-09-2012, 08:12 PM
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RE: Meat alternatives
(03-09-2011 09:22 PM)HardwareGrl Wrote:  I am a confirmed carnivore, but I know I need to reform my ways.
I know I eat WAY TO MUCH animal protein.
So, I have a question for my vegetarian and Vegan friends.
Which “protein substitutes” have you tried, and which do you like?

What I offer here are not subustitutes for a carnivore (including me), but rather side dishes with a protein kick that may help in your diet journey:

Quinao: (pronounced Keen-Wha [for some reason]). Think of it as an alternative to rice. Bonus factor, it is naturally gluten free.
Quinoa @ wikipedia: _
-I like to make a stir fry with quinoa instead of rice, it adapts quite well, just cook the quinoa a bit al dente.

Farro: Farro is a food product consisting of the grains of certain wheat species in whole form, similar to barley.
Farro @ wikipedia: _ (follow link to "spelt" for nutritional information.
-Add a cup of cooked (and cooled) farro to a cucumber salad, it's toothsome texture turns it into a meal.

Both are protein rich alternative dishes, and very satisfying.

I hope you like each as much as we do!
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