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Foodie Apps
05-21-2011, 09:26 AM
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Foodie Apps
I have had an iPhone for a few months now, but haven’t really been appreciating what a useful tool it is until recently.
I have found 2 apps that have to do with food and cooking that I thought I’d pass along.
The first one in by All Recipes (perhaps you know their website?) called Dinner Spinner. When you open the app you are presented with 3 reels, Dish Type (Main, salad, side dish, soup, etc), Ingredients (beef, vegetable, cheese, chocolate, fruit, etc.) and Ready In (20 minutes or less, 45, over an hour, slow cooker, or any).
Then you let it search and it presents you with choices from the All Recipes website.
Great for when you are stuck at the store wondering what to make for dinner, since the recipe is in your hand.
You can save recipes to a favorites tab so you can find them easier, and there is a features option so if you have dietary restrictions you can filter recipes.

The other one is by Nature Mobile; it’s a guide for gathering wild edibles. There is a really nice photo gallery with pictures and descriptions of plants that can be consumed, as well as entries for things that you should leave alone. A great reference that you can easily carry with you, so you can double check the safety of what you are harvesting.

Anyone else found any good foodie apps?

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