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It's Summer Grill That Turkey!
05-22-2011, 07:11 AM
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Smile It's Summer Grill That Turkey!
[Image: t44.jpg]
1 Turkey
1 box Kosher Salt
1 Head of Garlic
4 Onions
1 bunch celery
4 large carrots
16 oz. chicken stock (get the good stuff no MSG or use your own from the freezer)
First thing were going to do is brine the turkey overnight to do that you need a container large enough to fit the turkey in a Steemed Clam pot works but it's kind of a pain, I clean and sterilize one of my sinks. To sterilize the sink take 1oz of clorox to 13oz water mix it in a clean squirt bottle, this will kill those nasty microbes without killing any mammals! Clean the turkey remove all guts, feather particles, and anything else that isn't edible. Take scissors and cut of that tail thing throw it in a 1 qt sauce pan. Cut the tops of the wings off, you know that part that would rest on the breasts, throw them in the 1 qt saucepan with the gizzards. Clean all the extra fat that lines the cavity. I make sure there's not extra lung tissue and whatever else might be trapped in there. Plug the drain in the sink pour 1/4 of the box Kosher Salt and start filling with COLD water don't use warm water. Stir it around to dissolve salt place the turkey in the filling sink add another 1/4 of the Kosher salt fill until the turkey is completely covered. Add 1/2 the head of garlic the leaves from the celery(the parts no one eats) Cover and let sit I use two cutting boards over my sink (it keeps my cats from getting the turkey) before you go to bed change the water and follow the above steps again. You'll notice a lot of debris and blood that's normal and the reason were changing the water. When you get up in the morning and look at the turkey you'll notice that the dark meet looks lighter and the water isn't as scummy as the first time. If you're gonna cook the turkey for dinner drain it one more time repeating the above instructions. Let it sit until one hour before grilling. Drain sink and rinse turkey WELL with cold water and your sprayer this removes excess salt. Now let's prep the grill if you're using a weber make sure the vents at the bottom are clear the grill is clean. Take a foil pan about 8 1/2" by 11" add the garlic, carrots, and 1/2 the box of broth cover it with foil and place it on the bottom in the center of the grill. Now arrange charcoal around the foil pan be generous with the charcoal the turkey needs to cook for a couple of hours. If you use accelerants to light the grill spray the charcoal and then remove the foil off the pan and then light the charcoal. Let it get going good, once it's ready place the turkey on the grill over the foil pan. Baste turkey with broth (If you use butter the gravy will be greasy). Cover with lid and cook until done 165 degrees internal temp. You can baste it a couple of times but it's important not to lift the lid a lot while it's cooking it ruins the smoky flavor. When it's done remove the turkey and grill using really good potholders remove the drip pan strain it into a clean pan place in the freezer while the turkey "Rests" if you want t speed it up add four or five ice cubes and skim the grease off of the gravy thicken and serve with your succulent golden brown turkey. The flavor is amazing I add some of those smoking chips to the grill a half hour into the cooking process the cherry wood chips work great but use whatever you like. This is so much better than frying the turkey. It's cheaper and safer too.

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