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Carne Asada Tacos
06-10-2011, 08:50 AM
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Carne Asada Tacos
I normally serve these with the Mexican rice recipe I posted yesterday. The marinade for the meat is my best guess at how it's done at the carnecerias in the L.A. area. My family (and neighbors) drop everything to come and eat these. This should server 6-8 people.


(Meat & Marinade)
5 lbs. - Skirt Steak (Flank will work too)
1 pint - Orange Juice
6 Limes - Juice only
1 Cup - Valentina Mexican Hot Sauce (or equivalent)
4 TBS - Kosher Salt

2 Medium Yellow Onions - small dice
2 Bunches - Cilantro - small chop (leaves only)
8 Serrano Chilies - small dice (w or w/o seeds...your call)
4 Jalapeno Chilies - whole (my bro-in-law is nuts)
2 Bunches - Radishes - small chop
10 Limes - cut each into 8 mini wedges
1 Round - Mexican Cotija cheese - crumbled
Salsa Verde (Herdez is a good choice)
Kosher Salt

(1 Day Before)
- Place the meat in a large Ziploc bag (or multiple bags / Tupperware)
- Add the OJ, Lime juice, salt and hot sauce
- Close the bag and shake it like you mean it
- Store in fridge until grillin time

(Day of)
- Chop the Onion and Cilantro, and mix together (add a little salt and a squeeze of lime)
- Chop the radishes / Keep separate
- Chop the Serrano's / Keep separate
- Crumble the cheese / Keep separate
- Cut the limes / Keep separate
- Start your BBQ / grill
- Toss the meat on the grill and sprinkle top side with kosher salt
- Depending on thickness, grill it for 8-10 minutes
- Flip the meat and salt that side as well
- Keep flipping until desired doneness is achieved
- Remove meat and let rest
- Toss the tortillas on the grill and heat for 10-15 seconds a side
- Place the tortillas in a tortilla warmer (or something covered)
- Cut the meat into a medium dice (I use an electric knife - You may get a blister doing it by hand)

- Grab a tortilla
- Add the meat
- Top with the onion/cilantro, squeeze of lime, pinch of salt, chili bits, sprinkle of cheese, and a dollop of salsa verde
- You will repeat this MANY times, and I guarantee no left overs!

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