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I can't believe I missed Rush in L.A.!
06-30-2011, 08:45 PM (This post was last modified: 08-06-2011 07:58 PM by SpaceCadet.)
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RE: I can't believe I missed Rush in L.A.!
To my shame I missed it too - three excuses:

- The weeknight made it tough 'cause it's Crunch Time at work and "chaos" doesn't even scratch the surface;

- I can also blame my oldest friend, who was supposed to have lined up tickets months ago, but dropped the ball - 'turns out that week was his wedding anniversary, so I'm pretty sure "she" had something to do with his lapse...;

- With zero disrespect intended (I'm a firm believer that negative reviews are orders of magnitude more valuable than uncritical raves,) I'm just completely burned out on "retrospective" tours, not just by Rush but by everybody who's doing them.

I miss the excitement of an epic, over-the-top album release and an even more over-the-top, wretched-excess tour (think: U2's "Claw" - I'm not even a fan but the 360 stage just knocked me on my keister) that's focused on the album - with just a respectable smattering of dearly-loved back catalog stuff, preferably the lesser-performed and therefore unexpected stuff. (Yes, a Narpet or Didact or Countdown or Man From Mandrake would be most groovy as counterparts - pun if you want one - to the new songs. Prob the improbable, I always say.)

That "enough of the back catalog already" attitude is strictly spit-into-the-wind and something I realize would likely get my arse kicked if I were to verbalize it in a crowd of fans - but it's the fact, Jack. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to "newness," which is a big part of why I've happily immersed myself in Japanese pop, rock and punk over the last few years. Newborn babies get to spend every waking minute sponging up new stuff; 'don't see why I can't do the same, dammit. Cool

'Eagerly - and unapologetically - awaiting "Clockwork Angels," and maybe an upcoming tour leg that puts the new material front-and-center. "Dear Santa..."
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