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Tanks, Planes, Boats, Military Stuff
06-06-2012, 08:03 AM
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RE: Tanks, Planes, Boats, Military Stuff
(06-06-2012 03:19 AM)NWoBHM Wrote:  
Quote:I'll gladly toast to that NWoBHM, whenever these ''Boys'' pull a stunt like that, there is something to raise the glasses, no questions!!!

I do feel very proud of them I must admit LTC, as they are based a few miles from where I live, and an old mate was in them for 5 years.

Actually, there are quite a lot of retired ex SAS around here as I suppose they like the area and stay after - I was walking around Hereford the other day and there were a few shop fronts who specialised in "Close Protection Bodyguards"......I wonder why??

First, in answer to your question.... Makes 2 of us that wonder why.... ha, ha, ha... I guess that if you needed a body guard, these guys would be ''top notch''. They are top of the business from what I heard and the stories they must tell...
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