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String Theory: Alternate Universes?
07-22-2011, 07:37 AM
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RE: String Theory: Alternate Universes?
(07-22-2011 02:59 AM)Scythe Matters Wrote:  That's sweet! I like that idea of talking to your "space sibling."

I only broached the subject because the idea of alternate Universes just fascinates me. Guess it's my Sci-Fi geekiness showing Wink

Oh absolutely it's fascinating! Sometimes I wish I took more time to explore those ideas. But silly ol' things like housekeeping & feeding children get in the way Tongue

Aaaand I proudly wave the Sci-Fi Geek flag as a big fan of Star Wars - that was HUUUUGE for me and my lil' bro' growing up. We'd play-act Star Wars w/the neighborhood kids, I remember getting into a fight w/my best friend one day because she would not relinquish the role of Princess Leia, even though by golly it was MY turn. Even now if I'm flipping channels and come across one of the movies I ALWAYS stop to watch, and annoy my viewing companions by calling out dialogue or blurting out "new scene!" during one of the remastered episodes.

Yeah, it's pretty annoying....

Blah blah blah....yada yada yada!
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