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String Theory: Alternate Universes?
07-23-2011, 10:39 AM
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RE: String Theory: Alternate Universes?
Well, I’ll tell you, growing up at that time and playing those games was really fun. As kids, we were just in awe of Star Wars. I remember my friend from across the neighborhood got the first toy Light Saber when it came out, which was just a long plastic light up tube attached to a flash light thing.

My parents thought they were too expensive, so they wouldn’t buy me one. So I went about and tried to make one myself. All I could find was an old yellow plastic table leg, short from a kids table, to use as a blade, and I attached it to a metal flashlight. It would light up good, only problem was, it was way too short, the blade was only a few inches longer than the flashlight itself. No problem, I just called it my “Light Dagger”. But it was no match for a full length saber, and our battles must have been a comedic sight to watch. Of course my opponent could have just cut me down at any time, but he would hold back, letting me deflect his blows with my pitiful attempt at a weapon, just so the duel could last a little longer.

I wonder if that summer still exists somewhere in string theory universe form, and may I visit it again, just for a little while?
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