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Sound Off ~ ~ ~ True Confessions Time
08-19-2011, 11:12 AM
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Sound Off ~ ~ ~ True Confessions Time
This topic may have been discussed previously; However, I do not have
the time to read the entire board to find out. So I will initiate once again.

To start:
I became a RUSH fan at the time All the Worlds a Stage was released.
I purchased the subsequent albums up until the Roll the Bones; after
that I lost interest.
Fast forward to 2006:
Following the loss of a couple people who were close to me, I
upon the book Ghost Rider . At this point, I became intrigued
with RUSH again and went back and purchased the missing albums
from their collection.

My main point:
I always loved every song that RUSH recorded. I though they were
all great, and that is why they made it to the record. But...unfortunately,
I found one song, JUST ONE, that doesn't do it for me and that one is
called Dogs Years. I cannot believe that it ever made it to the record.
It sounds as if they just couldn't come up with anything else and were
trying to fill up space. (1 out of hundreds isn't a bad thing though)

Anyone else have a RUSH tune that they don't particually care for?

Just trying to keep it real here. Not trying to step on any other "fans"
toes. Just using the freedom of expression that we are all born with.
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08-19-2011, 06:15 PM
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RE: Sound Off ~ ~ ~ True Confessions Time
You know Mal, I don’t think it has been a topic…
Well then…

To Start:
I became a fan in 1990.
I friend of mine who was a music major sat me down one day and FORCED ME to listen to Rush.
Then he explained what I had listened to.
And then he had me listen to it again.
And I was then, truly, blown away.
I have since lost track of the friend, but I haven’t lost track of Rush.

Fast forward to 2003:
“Time Stand Still” was played at my wedding reception.
I brooked no argument on that choice of song.Big Grin

The main point:
I cannot say I have loved every song that Rush has recorded.
Hey, I’m a chick, and I while I appreciate the musicianship of the early years, some of it is hard for me to listen to.
BUT, I cannot name ONE group or singer that has spoken to me more than Rush has.
Their lyrics and music have lifted me up when I am down; put the fight back into me when I think I’m licked; reminded me that there is a place in this world for righteous indignation.

"Life ain't like books.
Books got somebody writin' 'em and tryin' to entertain ya.
Life is more like a set of Legos.
Unless you take care of 'em, you lose a few pieces and you end up steppin' on 'em with bare feet.
You gotta take care of your life."
~Laura Moncur
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08-19-2011, 07:53 PM (This post was last modified: 08-19-2011 07:53 PM by Scythe Matters.)
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RE: Sound Off ~ ~ ~ True Confessions Time
Okay, I'll fess up...

Though I had heard them on the radio before, I didn't really "get into" Rush until my hubby-to-be and our room mate sat me down and played me Hemispheres in 1980. That blew me away and La Villa Strangiato became my favorite song. The day Moving Pictures came out, we listened over and over again. Then our roomie went back to his drum kit and started working on it (he was amazing and could play Bubba's stuff and Genesis and Yes).

When we moved from Vegas to Seattle as newlyweds, I started to lose touch with my favorite music. What with buying a house, working, having a family... even though we'd listen now and then those nights of listening over and over were gone.

Fast forward to last summer, August 7th. My Hubby had got tickets to see Rush (who I hadn't seen since the GuP tour). He wanted to get me out because I had done the cocoon thing after my Mother died the previous November. That was followed by a head-on accident in which I was injured. So "homebody" was an understatement. I went not expecting much but a concert. But I got so much more. I think that I've managed elsewhere to convey just what the Boys and their music have done for me.

I've spent the time between then and now learning more about the music and the men who make it. I read Bubba's books, joined an online forum and started listening. I had some catching up to do, since GuP was the last album I knew well. I've enjoyed this immensely. Have I run into a few songs that don't do it for me? Yeah, a few. But there are so many more that DO. Rush's songs fill me with joy and hope and inspiration. They take me places outside and inside. They make me smile and dance and try to play them myself. Most of all, they have helped me to heal. And man, do I love them for that.

... in a world where I feel so small I can't stop thinking big!
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