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You shouldn't have...!!!
02-24-2012, 04:10 PM
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RE: You shouldn't have...!!!
Dude sounds like my brother! I remember when we were kids, my Mom & Dad had a "stereo" in the living room, my sister had her little suzie close-n-play for her Carpenters/Dan Fogelberg albums, I had a family hand me down that I'd be jamming my Chipmunk and Disney albums on, but my brother...he had the "real" stereo, a Pioneer system, seperate turntable, HPM40 speakers, yadda'-yadda'.
Every year, either birthdays or Christmas, you could bet on getting a new album from him...of course, it was an album that HE wanted! Like it was yesterday, I was 7 years old, had the obligatory birthday party with 4-5 little buddies all around the table blowing out candles and opening presents, and here's my bro's present...12"x12" 1/4" thick, yep, another album...ALICE *freakin* COOPER! Nothing like getting introduced to Billion Dollar Babies at 7 years old! Natchally, he'd "let" you play it on HIS stereo, hoping you'd forget it there, or wantin' to trade an old Jackson 5's greatist hits or other album he'd lost interest in!
It's probably a good thing though, and I should thank him for that...who knows, I could have ended up listening to Michael Bolton or worse instead of "Da Boyz"!Tongue

"Rollin' numbers, rock-n-rollin', got my Kiss records out!"
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