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Moskva in the future?
02-19-2012, 10:43 PM
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Moskva in the future?
I was taking Russian language once so the Missus and I could function in Russia. Should I go back to my language instructor...or should I take the easy way out and get Rosetta stone in Russian. I ask this because my language instructor is a PRETTY 31 year old Ukranian woman that (l view as a little sister) woman. Or should I ask her if she will start over again with the language lessons with me on a once a month basis? Be in 100% assurance that I VIEW MY INSTRUCTOR IN A WHOLLY PERFECT SISTERLY VIEW. The Missus knows this, but I do NOT want to freak either of them. I don't know how best to say this, except to say that I love my WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL EWife with all my heart...and think of my language instructor as the sister I never had. The instructor & l are friends(she has her own life), and l love the Missus FIERCELY! I guess I just am worrying about hurting either womans'(the instructor is a wonderful Ukranian female 10 yrs. my Junior) feelings. I need advice from a non-involved 3rd party. In case any-person is wondering...l(and the Missus) would like to go to Russia and visit beautiful structures we both wondered about. Trust me...Moskva & Sainkt Peturburg are BEAUTIFUL!!! Sorry about the long post...l just don't want to hurt the woman l LOVE(the MISSUS), and my surrogate sistar( the instructor). Huh

I'm taking a ride with my best friend...I hope he never lets me down again.
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