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Full Version: Nice to be here
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I feel awkward with introductions but here goes nothing. I am a HUGE RUSH fan and have been since an old boyfriend let me borrow his Caress of Steel album sometime in 1982. I have it still and there is no way he is getting it back now.

I live in Jefferson Hills PA ( a few miles south of Pittsburgh) with my husband, Johnny and daughter, Rhianna.

My original reason for logging on this site was to find Neil's recommendation for books. Got some great ideas and started to load up the Nook. Thanks again !

My husband and father are both drummers so my attraction to Neil is natural. My husband is a late bloomer so to speak and only started playing out a few years ago with a Premier set he found at a yard sale. He is impressive, but then again, I am biased.

He is also shy, unassuming, mortally embarrassed at shows if he is told that he was good, loves nature, misses his old motorcycle, wanted to be a forest ranger as a young man. You catching any of this? Anyway, so many similarities that i needed to post on a this website.

Looking forward to more discussions and some good recipes.
Welcome to the zoo gypsy66!! Look around and enjoy your stay!
Hey, Gypsy! Welcome to the asylum. See RN for your shots (yes, they're mandatory Wink )
Welcome! RN's pretty good...well, at least the last one didn't get infected......

...too badly, anyway...
Hey now did you tell her beware of those who might bite? Don't worry the incidents have been pretty few and far between. Welcome Gypsy66Smile
Well there haven't been any incidents lately, but you never know!

Welcome gypsy66
We keep the biters in line pretty well, though...

Welcome to the B&G Gypsy! Good to have you here Smile
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