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Thank you again, everyone!
(10-16-2013 07:19 PM)BrianW Wrote: [ -> ]Hello Randy from a fellow New Englander!

Speaking of NE Just made a pot full of chowder, howdy Randy in CT!
Hi ho, Randy in CT. Smile
Hi, Randy!
Hi again, everyone and thank you for the welcome! I hope I'm not too sporadic with my posts. I have two young girls (3 and 6) and work full time and have some other stuff going on...you know--life! Smile Anyway, I hope to and plan to contribute more. I should mention that my wife and I do a lot of gardening and we also have 17 laying hens. Next year we hope to acquire 2 goats as my wife loves to make cheese. Smile
Hi Randy!!! *waves*
(11-29-2013 10:41 AM)gangsterfurious Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Randy!!! *waves*

Hey now!
OK, enough attention on me--I'm just a new guy. Wink Meet ya at the rest of the threads!
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