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It seems the spammers have discovered our little Rivendell (* Sunlight dances through the leaves / Soft winds stir the sighing trees / Lying in the warm grass / Feel the sun upon your face *).

Last I looked there was at least someone calling themselves jyrddn posting spam in "Explorations off the Beaten Track".

Not sure what, if anything, can be done about it other than liberal use of the Ignore feature. Just a quick head's up that there's a fly among us.
He's been gonged! See ya!
I was a wundrin when we would see something like that. Thank you Mr Brutus, our little world is safe again!
I know this one is obivious, but the new entry in Introduce yourself is "Framelyyours" and its an ad for photo frames.
I saw him this morning and sent off a report.
I'm hoping that, sooner rather than later, some of us veterans might be provided with the capability of sending those spammers into the black void. I hereby volunteer!
Actually I felt a little"violated" of sorts when I saw that this morning.. Brutus/Bubba have really spoiled us a mite with taking out the trash as it were. I am sure there is something in the works so stay tuned.
I'm going to get back to y'all by week's end about Moderatin' Help. I'm going to have a hard time getting it down to 3 people so I hope I don't offend anyone by not picking them. Jeeeze I hates that thought.
Boomer's the only one that is danger of getting hims widdle feewings hurt... he's a sensitive sort of guy.
I mean - look at him... =)~
Oh BRUDDAHHH! Is it wabbit season yet? Silly wabbit.

Just so we understand - there'll be no hurtin my feewings. I'm a big boy...I can take it.......

snifl snifl
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