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Full Version: Shall We Play A Game
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**claps for Mufasa's clue***
I'm done for tonight...CD can resume in my stead since she so kindly allowed me to cut in earlier...percocet has officially kicked my butt (and the pain thankfully!)

Thanks for letting me join in the fun for a bit though...
Nite all!
That's might kind of you, oh drugged one! Smile

Um, let's see....ooo, ok, here we go...

"microphone smells like a beer"

(should be easy!)
Billy Joel--Piano Man
Lol...too easy? Smile It's such a great song...I think probably everyone knows parts, if not all of those lyrics. At least they do when it comes on the ol juke box in the bar. Cool
OK. I'm leaving for Phoenix in the AM until Saturday (yeah, the crazy Texan neighbor...). I'll throw on a lyric, but I won't have internet until I get home. If you all get stumped, someone toss in a different lyric and go from there.

"Your name and mine inside a heart upon a wall"
oooh, Gunga! That's a good one. But I'm DQ'd for Googling
I'm baaaack.....Hint:it's from the late 60's. The band only had 2 hits.
The first thing I think of is Red Rubber Ball, artist unknown.
Nope-sorry Brian.

Think French. Not the origin of the band, but the name....they had kind of a Baroque style complete with harpsichord.....
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