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Hi everyone. This is our first edition of the Calendar Contest. Simply guess the city in which this was taken. Hint: Les Boyz played here last tour. First 3 correct guessers win a signed calendar. Here's the prize:


If I don't get 3 winners I'll post a second image. Caution! Contest open to registered grillers only and one guess per person, ok? So make sure before you make your guess and good luck
From the looks of the chilly passersby, my guess would be "Vancouver, B.C."?
Helsinki, Finland????????
I also say Helsinki, Finland!
I'm with Gungawoman on this one..

Helsinki, Finland...
Ditto on Helsinki....lots of tall Finns!
Hearing crickets........
It's Helsinki. That is the Havis Amanda statue behind the trams.
Nice Mufasa and others. I was going to guess Prague but not sure if they ever played there.
Congrats to our winners. I think I might have to make the next contest a little more difficult! Could Gungawoman, Rey and burma.girl email me with an address I can use to send the calendar? Onebad also was a winner but he wanted to pull out 'cause he feels he's been gifted enough but I say pooh on that. So we're gonna give 4 away this time. I'll be hooking up with Bubba later in November in Toronto and we are going to work on our carpal tunnel syndrom and start signing a bunch of calendars. The Far And Away calendar starts in December so hopefully they will get to everyone before that or very soon thereafter.

A Prize Every Time!




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