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RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Entre Nous - 06-02-2011 06:12 PM

(06-02-2011 03:49 PM)Bageleth Wrote:  Thank you for the link! It's very helpful.

Powell's is definitely on the list! We stopped there last year on our way home from Seattle (for a particular show) and that bookstore is amazing!

I think that while up there this time, a trip to VooDoo Donuts will be in order, and I was thinking that maybe, if the weather is decent, and if my husby is feeling up to it, maybe seeing Multnomah Falls. Just thinking about that one for now.

You're welcome, Bageleth Smile The downtown Voodoo is closed for remodeling, but you can jump on Burnside eastbound and be at the 1501 SE Davis location in 5 minutes. The reopening date was supposed to be 5/30, but hasn't happened as of today. Maybe by concert time it'll be done. They have expanded into part of the Berbati's Pan space.

I'd suggest the International Rose Test Garden, too (sooo romantic Heart) but no flowers there yet! Thanks, weird Spring! Maybe they'll be blooming when you're here. It's still 26 days away...

Multnomah Falls would be great on a weekday Wink

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Boomer - 06-02-2011 08:34 PM


You two just made me cry. If you go to the Falls - pics. Lots and lots of pics! Too bad VooDoo doesnt ship those delicacies! As for the Rose Garden. Well, that place holds fond memories I cant repeat here, but not too surprised at the lack of blooms. Spring turned into summer before we could shake the bed sheets out!

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Bageleth - 06-02-2011 10:14 PM

I am planning to take a lot of pics! We're still having an odd Spring here. More rain than sun, and so much rain that we're wondering if our summer will be rainy too. I will be bringing an umbrella to the show Tongue !

Boomer, I hate to see you cry Sad

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Entre Nous - 06-03-2011 07:52 PM

Awww, sorry Boomer! I'll get up to the Rose Garden when it's blooming and get some pix for you. I too have fond memories...it's Rose Festival time now, and of course, it's rained every day up to today. Starlight Parade tomorrow evening, then next weekend is Grand Floral Parade. I marched in that one 4 years with a Bari Sax hanging off my neck, and loved every minute of it.

Bagel, I just remembered something else: before you come up, try Living Social Portland and Portland Perks. You might have to subscribe (it's free) but I've had friends score great deals on lodging, meals, and other handy stuff from both of those.

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Boomer - 06-04-2011 11:27 AM

Oh dear. I marched in both the Starlight and The Grande Floral three times, each time with a massive tuba on my derrier. You can march for a while with one, but it starts to put a nice pointer into your shoulder muscle if you dont pad it. We ended up doing the tuba dance my senior year the whole 3 mile route. It was like 87 degrees too, so mom and dad had to make me drink to replenish the fluids. Have the ships made it in to the festival yet? That was always a fun time for me. One year I rode one of the ships from Portland up to Astoria, and saw the Columbia River in a way not many folks get to. Fun time downtown thats for sure.

If I had to try to do that tuba dance now I think I would shatter my whole spine!

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Bageleth - 06-04-2011 02:13 PM

The last time that I went to the Rose Parade, Mt. St. Helens had recently erupted, and we were all encouraged to wear masks because of ash fallout. There was ash that had been swept up against every curb and because it had also recently rained, it was wet ash. Danny Thomas was the Grand Marshal that year too I think.

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Boomer - 06-04-2011 02:41 PM

Yeah I remember that parade. My mother actually didnt want me to march in it that year just because of the ash. We had a long discussion about what I was going to be inhaling and everybody got so up in arms I thought they were going to cancel the parade. That particular eruption dumped more ash on us than the May 18th eruption, but people kept talking about prevailing winds and all that weather stuff. Then the school was going to have us use masks, but how do you play a band instrument with a mask over your face. What a nightmare that was.

Danny Thomas WAS at that parade - good memory. I remember seeing him just briefly before we started marching.

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Gungawoman - 06-04-2011 02:45 PM

My Grandma grew dahlias to put on the floats for that parade!
It's funny to see how many band geeks are here. I played tenor drum during marching season. My back and shoulder were fine, but the drum hitting my left knee at every step was too much Big Grin

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Entre Nous - 06-04-2011 05:14 PM

Woo Hoo for band geeks! I marched in the '80 parade, and remember all that talk about the ash. Class of '82, Battle Ground High School. Go Tigers Big Grin Our Drum Major pranced like a show horse the whole route, in black wool pants and jacket, with layover and tall furry hat. I don't know how he made it! I think that's the same year "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" was in our song list, and marching to a rumba is...fun!

How cool that we were all there!

No ships yet, Boomer. Both rivers are nearly at or just over flood stage, so some switching out of vessels had to be done. Some were too tall to fit under the Willamette bridges, with the water so high. Fleet Week begins this Wednesday. We don't get as many, nor are they here as long as they used to be, but it's still cool to see them. Sailors still overrun downtown, but they can't be "adopted" any more Sad Also, civilian vessels aren't allowed to escort the ships as they come in.

There's a new addition to the fleet, as well: tallships! It's big fun to watch them do battle from the bridges. It's "Pirates of the Willamette" LOL

RE: Saturday, July 2nd @ The Gorge - Bageleth - 06-05-2011 12:26 AM

My mother was also a band geek at Milwaukie High. She played clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, and accordion (she also played piano, but that wasn't included in the marching band, lol)