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Tips on sharpening your knives
12-08-2010, 04:25 AM
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RE: Tips on sharpening your knives
With regards to the heading, in an effort to remain anonymous initiatives are best kept small I guess.

The other day I went by the shop for piece of cooking equipment; a skillet for another steak variation.
The women behind the counter showed and explained the difference in ceramic coatings of the pans. I was altogether not directly convinced but soon the subject changed to sharpening devices, poultry scissors and a lot more. She showed me this ceramic cone shaped device at least 15" in size and base of 7.5" meant for sharpening knifes. Taking it out of the display stand was a somewhat tempting exercise for her and a guess for me. It almost became a touchy moment in time, the way words were uttered and the atmosphere changed from delightfully tasteful to appetizingly hot..... Eventually I left the shop with a pair of poultry scissors having in mind the preparation of pigeon de bresse aux carcasse, remarking: "we are talking about the same but meaning something else" She gave me a look and smile that made me come again.

Then again some people rock but do not roll or if you like some people roll but do not rock.

PS I will follow up on the cone shaped sharpening device.

(12-07-2010 09:18 PM)ePhilosopher9 Wrote:  i find this heading quite diminutive, considering the waterfall et al
oh mandy
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