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05-20-2010, 10:42 PM
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RE: DIYers
(05-20-2010 10:26 PM)Janie Wrote:  Three recently finished projects…

[Image: NC1-1.jpg]
I believed I paid $15 for this. The price was so low because of the missing arm rest. Other than that, the chair really was in good condition. It had good bones anyway. The wood showed its age. I had to do some research but it’s an antique Victorian nursing chair. It sits really low to the ground. This was just too cool to pass up.

[Image: NC2A-1.jpg]
I took the chair into a woodworking shop for an estimate on having them make an arm. The price was somewhere around $250. I was blown away! He said the chair was made of mahogany and the arm would have been an interesting challenge. I liked the chair, didn’t love it so… I took off the remaining arm (repaired one leg) and turned it into…

[Image: NC3-1.jpg]
A slipper chair. I love how it turned out!!

Paid $15 and probably spent about $30 for supplies.

Next project…

[Image: AD1-1.jpg]
Another craigslist find (most of my treasures are). An elderly woman was selling this. It was her husbands at-home work desk. She had already sold most everything else (obviously alone and looked a little sad!) and this desk was one of the last pieces. The house was nice and old and you can tell her and her family lived there for a very long time. The desk seemed sentimental to her and I assured her it was getting a good home and was exactly what I was looking for.

[Image: AD2-1.jpg]
When I started taking it apart to paint it, I discovered these cool side boards that pulled out and on one, there were these tiny calendar stickers from 1970. Weird that he had these still on there for so many years. Digging further, I discovered he was an architect and had some copies of blueprints he had done. From 1970.

[Image: AD3-1.jpg]
I painted it a very light pink. I needed a arts/crafts work desk. And this could not be more perfect.

[Image: AD4-1.jpg]
I kept his calendar stickers. For some reason, 1970 was very special to him. Maybe it was his first project, his most important project, just a lucky year for him, whatever. I felt I couldn’t get rid of the stickers. Also, I framed his blueprint and it’s now in our den.

Paid $40 and paid about $20 in supplies.


[Image: VC1-1.jpg]
Vintage/antique chair that had been in city storage. Apparently, it was used way back in the day for some old city government desk job.

[Image: VC2-1.jpg]
Lots of dust, a few creepy very dead spiders and lots of general “ick.” So much so that I decided to take the whole damn thing apart to clean it really well.

[Image: VC3-1.jpg]
I painted it, removed the old seat fabric and replaced it with a stripey silk number. The leather back is the same as it was in really good condition. I had issues with the leg protector things and when I removed them, they cracked so I need to find some kind of a replacement.

Paid $25 and paid about $12 in supplies.

You do fabulous work!

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