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Super Bowl Ribs
02-12-2012, 01:18 AM
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Super Bowl Ribs
I started the night before with a dry rub of spices (peppers, paprika, herbs) Johnny’s seasoned salt, brown sugar, wrapped it in a plastic bag and into the fridge it went. The next day I built a nice smoky fire in my barbeque. I used a bunch of fallen alder twigs that were lying around and draped them on the coals. I put the ribs opposite the coals on a rack and let the smoke work. The temp averaged around 250 and I let them smoke heavily for about and hour and a half. By heavy I mean that I wanted billowing smoke from the lid and if it didn’t I added wood or moved adjusted what was there until it did.
After that I coated them with a glaze of brown sugar, a little soy, a little Worcestershire, hoisin, a little flour to bind it together, and a little hickory BBQ sauce, then back on the rack in the smoke for another hour. They came out perfect.
[Image: IMG00323.jpg]

I like my ribs medium with a little pink, smoked low and slow. The smoke ring was a good ¼ inch in and the glaze coated them with a sweet, spicy, smoky goodness.

[Image: IMG00325.jpg]

Bake Dat B*tch!!!

[Image: baconfish.jpg]
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