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Coping with a picky eater
05-26-2012, 08:19 PM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2012 08:37 PM by LiveToCook.)
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RE: Coping with a picky eater
Jenn, She will not back away from all protein, I should have been a little more precise with my quote. To rapidly explain what I wrote into too little words, here goes. If she makes her own meal or snack, she will go for veggies and salad. She will not cut a piece of cheese or eat nuts... Dont ask why, I do not know the answer to this as she will eat cheese that is warm (cooked) such as gratinated pasta, pizza and whatever in that fashion. As an example, I made fresh pasta for dinner and the sauce had some cheese into it but as much as she will not cut a piece of fresh cheese to eat like this she poured all of the fresh parmesan that I had just grated onto her plate.... or will use the powdered stuff. Go figure, as for protein, I will make salmon on the BarBQ, one of my signature dishes and if I make salmon any other way... She will pick at it and eat 1/4 of it and believe me, I have had way worse (still very edible) in reputable restaurants. She will eat almost all meats and types of fish that I will serve to her. But if she makes her own... forget it, she will typically not have the protein.
OHR. I guess that we all have our favorites and not so favorites... For me it is believe it or not cucumbers... and I can smell them from a long way, I will cut them and serve them but there is not a chance that I will consume them. I will eat relish and other ''transformed'' style. Where does it come from... very good question, as for the boiled into next week, I can only agree with you for all veggies... If they are like ''mush'' I cannot find any enjoyment with these. As for liver it is strong and very different in taste and consistency. You are not one in a million, I will eat veal's sometimes in small quantities. I prefere chicken and fowl including foie gras that is a product that I use a lot in cooking. And I must confess, I use foie gras in many recipes and dont tell no one as my household except for my son are ''allergic'' to the word liver. Funny thing is they like what I make, because I actually made a sauce once without the foie gras and they told me that it was not as good.... And I do not have the courage to tell them... ha, ha, ha...

(05-26-2012 07:16 PM)old honda rider Wrote:  When I was growing up I was known in the house as the picky eater. But even as an adult, I still won't eat brussel sprouts boiled into next week or twitching liver, no matter HOW many fried onions go with it.

I always knew something was up when I asked, "What are we having tonight?" and the reply was something like, "It's a surprise!"

And, of course, making the kid (me) sit there with a plate of cold (insert disgusting food-type substance here) is guaranteed to put the hate on for that food right into adulthood.

To this day I don't like surprises either.
(05-26-2012 01:52 PM)Jenn Wrote:  
(05-24-2012 07:26 AM)LiveToCook Wrote:  I have been working on my daughter, but her mind is set... I have tried the ''This is it approach, but, to no avail... She will eat the veggies, salad and will walk away from the protein. Not a good idea for a 17 year old.

Just curious ... does she turn away from all protein, or just meat.?. 'Coz you can get very good protein in a vegetarian/vegan diet. Yes, we need our protein, but it need not come from animals.

OK, sorry for the temporary thread derailment!

Back to picky eaters...
Either give him the "just try a little"
or the "if you don't like it, make your own"

Big Grin
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