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Coping with a picky eater
05-28-2012, 10:03 AM
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RE: Coping with a picky eater
(05-27-2012 08:14 PM)ladijules Wrote:  I am SO glad I'm not the only one in a house with picky eaters! In a way.. my husband came to his weird tastes honestly. Basically, his mom was big into cooking elaborate, rich meals. Unfortunately.. she's not a good cook. (Her corned beef and cabbage could be used as a chemical weapon!) He prefers meat and potatoes out of self defense! He will eat other stuff but I have to be careful. There isn't a lot of food he likes and to top it off, he has celiac's disease, which limits what I can cook. LOL... AND I suck at cooking! The stuff in my house is simple because we can't do much else!

My daughter on the other hand... when she was younger you couldn't get her to eat ANYTHING. She was beyond picky. Then I found out something... she likes flour tortilla's. I started by slowing adding a thin layer of cheese (quasadiillas) then a little bit of meat or veggies. I soon found I could get her to eat anything even if she swore she hated it as long as it was wrapped in a tortilla. Might something like that work in your situation?

Ladijules, believe me that tricks are now something that I can brag about... It could be as tricky as drying mushrooms and reducing to powder and incorporating into a pizza dough or fresh pasta dough. some other times I cut whatever into ''micro bits'' and of course the quantities used are sometimes minimal according to degree of taste of the ingredient(s) being ''smuggled'' into the dish. I of course do not tell right away, but when the words come back as ''I DO NOT eat mushrooms!'', I will add a ''You eat more than you think'' and leave it like this; ''Food for thought...''. And, yes I can only agree with the ''tortilla'' trick that you use and as mentioned above, I am sure that some of the ingredients that you incorporate are the majority of times not perceived as such. The beauty of tortilla type ingredients is the fact that you can make a combination of ingredients that help into the inclusion of the ''I do not eat this and that'' products. Like a very famous person once said; ''We must never surrender''. Big Grin
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