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05-21-2011, 06:38 AM
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RE: Steeped!
I'm just curious what the problem posting pics is? When you write a post, the icon bar has a tiny little pic (the sixth icon from the right) that looks like Moutains with a sun. It brings up a window that wants an address to where the pic is located like, if you wrap this tag
in front of the web address and after the address tag, it embeds the pic right into the post without using any server space. I have my own server to post stuff to but any free space like will work. here's an example [Image: corona.png]
This example is a picture from my friend the Artist Larkin Surreal He was wonderful art click the link to take a look. PS. If you like a pic that's on another site just right click on it and "copy shortcut" in IE or in Firefox "copy image location" paste it in your post wrapped in the tag above and you'll have any pic you want embedded into the post without using any of Bubba's server space! That probably makes the admins happy space is expensive when you have a lot of traffic! Oh if you all new this already sorry! One last thing make sure you have permission to use pics from the site your grabbing them from or that the image is on "Google images" So you don't infringe on someones copyrights. Leeching images without permission is like downloading Mp3's for free and we all know how everyone feels about that!

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