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Had my first "Measure of the Macallan" last night
04-19-2011, 03:11 PM
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RE: Had my first "Measure of the Macallan" last night

I must say, I do remember quite well my first taste of this intriguing
elixer. At the time, I was newly wed. My beautiful significant other and I
happened to be on our honeymoon in the gorgeous setting of Emerald
Lake, just outside Field,British Columbia. Once settled in, we acquainted
ourselves with the bar (not a bad thing when your on vacation). And I
distinctly remember the waiter asking how I would like that served. I
thought for just a moment and then came my reply, " I'll have it neat if
you will." After hearing so much about this treasured substance, I did not
want to have anything interfere with my first impression. Needless to
say, as I am sure many can atest to, it was marvelous. No need to gulp
this stuff down, just slow, smooth sippin' works fine.
Ever since that first pour, I grab a bottle of "the twelve" when I'm ready
for a treat. Other than that,,,, well,,, you'll have to skip on over to the
beer forum to get the rest of the story.

Peace, Love, and Good Happiness Stuff
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RE: Had my first "Measure of the Macallan" last night - MAL_ONE - 04-19-2011 03:11 PM

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