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IOTD awards
09-14-2012, 11:54 PM
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RE: IOTD awards
(09-14-2012 06:32 PM)Counselor Wrote:  First day of school. Lets test administration and Mr. Counselor by going out and getting so stoned its obvious to everyone in the building that your stoned because of the blue cloud circling your head. When you and your car get searched they find airsoft pistols, a weapons violation for sure. Day one, decent student not only suspended for Substance policy violation but now has to go before the school board because of the weapons policy violation. His excuse ... I wanted to get the quickest suspension in school history and I just forgot about the pistols. Captain DA for sure. However, ...

Student has a free block block 3. They go home get HAMMERED! Show up to class and are surprised when the teacher calls admin and busts them for being drunk. Denies it all afternoon long until parents and cops come in and she blows a 1.2. OOOHH no, you were not drunk ... WTF?!

Bad decision lead to good interventions though. Not many good treatment facilities around, but something is better than nothing and they both are getting help. They could have just told me they needed treatment I would have arranged it voluntarily ...
bless you for working with these young people!

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