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More Mechanical Music
11-28-2011, 02:43 PM
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RE: More Mechanical Music
(11-28-2011 12:42 PM)Nawlins Wrote:  'Agreed' on all of the above, but would have to add the SR71 and U2 to the aerial lineup! The sonic boom produced by those is unreal!
And yes Boomer, the Space Shuttle would rattle your bones! Sadly, I had the misfortune to witness the Challenger disaster at close range when I worked out at Cape Carnival (85-94) and that was one sound I wished I had never heard! Of course, the Titans and Delta's would also wake you up at 20 miles away!

I had just been down there a month before it happened. Was actually stationed at Charleston Navy base. Got a call for any available ships and divers to make way for the crash area to retrieve debris for analysis. I would have gone except we were in drydock geting ready to be decommissioned. I would have to say the Delta makes a bigger bang for the buck though!!!

Somewhere in my repertoire of files I found a video taken from one of the P-3 Orion chase craft from that launch.

Primary Principle - "It must NEVER be my fault"
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11-29-2011, 12:11 PM (This post was last modified: 11-29-2011 12:14 PM by Rey.)
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RE: More Mechanical Music
Hey, what a great idea for a thread! My original post was the sound of a rare and valuable classic Ferrari, but of course I don't own anything like that, it is one of the most expensive cars in the world. Just dreaming I guess.

Well, here is something a little more down to earth, but still "sounds" good to me:

It is an Italian Fiat 124 with dual Weber carburetors, which helps make that nice sound. Fiats have a bit of a bad reputation here in the States. But you have to dig a little deeper, this car has the "Lampredi Twin" motor, designed by Ferrari's engine designer, Aurelio Lampredi. No, it doesn't make it a Ferrari, but its nice to have that background anyway in something much more affordable to us regular folks.

(11-27-2011 05:24 PM)old honda rider Wrote:  Spin-off inspired by this:
(11-21-2011 03:21 PM)Rey Wrote:  A little "mechanical music" on a Monday afternoon...

What are your favourite forms of mechanical music?

For me, I'll choose 2:

Honda CBF1000A - the video isn't me but that's my exact bike

Ferrari F1 - Check out the sound at 49 and 56 seconds. If you've never been to an F1 race, make it your mission to get to at least 1 for next season. It will be an experience you will never forget.
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11-30-2011, 06:54 AM
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RE: More Mechanical Music
Ah for me it's got to be the less refined, brute strength of top fuel dragsters. It's just good old honest horsepower on a track to go fast.

happy smelly noisy go fast fun

Oh Bleat!
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06-16-2013, 07:56 PM
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RE: More Mechanical Music
I came across this most unusual video, and thought of this old thread. This is a video of an old 1936 Fairbanks Morse stationary engine, and it is quite a monster. It creates some very unique sounds, the exhaust pipes are like trumpets, and the operator almost plays it like an instrument, even falling into a beat at times, like at the :46 and 1:38 marks. It also shoots out smoke rings, and I don't think the EPA would approve either..Wink
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06-17-2013, 08:02 AM
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RE: More Mechanical Music
Definitely not low emission.... Big Grin
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