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Manchester, NH (Opening Night)
07-18-2012, 04:50 PM
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RE: Manchester, NH (Opening Night)
DD, my brother and I will be in 103. I keep telling my bro that with my 'connections' ( I have none) look for a roadie holding a sign with our name on it - we're going backstage. Hey, we can dream!

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07-19-2012, 01:57 PM
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RE: Manchester, NH (Opening Night)
Sorry. Bad sentence. I did not see them from the front row in Toronto, but in Saratoga Springs (Same tour though). Silly story really. Back when I liked the current pre-sale organization, I logged on and asked for 2 tix. They came up as section 40. As section 40 is not on the seating chart, my first thought was ... crappy fix and dumped 'em. Kept trying and eventually realized section 40 must be what is set up as the orchestra pit. Had the tix come up a second time and took a chance. I did not get a shirt, just a smile from Alex for the shirt I was wearing (Super Grover). The couple next to me were pulled away at intermission and got to "baste" the chickens. Toronto ... not nearly so fortunate.

This time around I tried the same thing for Manchester and NEVER got a sniff of a close seat. Settled for REALLY great off to the side just as it rises off the ice seats.

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08-13-2012, 06:48 AM
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RE: Manchester, NH (Opening Night)
I have an Idea:
I got this idea from my Bob Seger fan group. We had a blast with it. It goes like this...
(On scene reporter) I will be at the tour opening, texting live updates to someone in the group, who is at home. That someone copies the update to a chat and you all enjoy a virtual concert. It works best if there are many reporters and at least 2 people receiving updates. The reporters job can be a pain because RULE #1 is to enjoy the concert. Nobody wants to be texting all night. That is why it is better to have many On scene reporters, sharing the job. The more reports coming in, the more fun the chat room has. The reporters can send all kinds of notes, not just set-lists but things like... Crowd reaction, sound quality, beer lines, How the band looks, intermission, whatever would be interesting to those who wish they were there.

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