"A Digital Man"

   Animated Video by Bobby Standridge  

My name is Bobby Standridge and I'm a Rush-a-holic.  Seriously, the impetus for creating the YYZ video was twofold.  First, the song is simply astounding and deserved a video accompaniment.  Second, I needed an excuse to practice my newfound "skills" in the wild and woolly world of computer animation.  So, here I am, and here it is.  It has been such a thrill for me to share my affection for the band with the fan community.  What a devoted bunch!

On a technical note, the video was created with 3D Studio Max R3 and hand keyframed using a video reference of me air-drumming along to the song.  Being an older version of the software, the inverse kinematics tended to bog down after a few hundred frames, so I had to break the video down into many (un)manageable pieces.  Adobe's Photoshop CS and Premiere Pro played key roles during the compositing and authoring phases. 
That's about it.

Congrats again, Neil, for a remarkable career (so far), and many, many thanks to you, Geddy and Alex for expanding our lives!

- Bobby